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2XFR Family

The 2XFR will linearly increase both read and write performance until the transfer rate doubling effect takes place. The doubling effect is dependent on disk drive dynamics and transfer size. This effect takes place without increasing the demand on operating system and platform resources.


3 Channel Ultra Wide SCSI-3 (68 pin Single-Ended). Backward compatible with all previous versions of SCSI.


2XFR is compatible with all SCSI hard disk drives with 50 or 68 pin interfaces. Also with drives with LVD interfaces in single ended mode.


When formatted the 2XFR will provide capacity equal to the sum of the individual disks. This capacity is presented to the Host via one single SCSI node address.

  • 2XFR + two IBM Capricorn 4.5GB = 9GB
  • 2XFR + two Cheetah 9LP = 18.2GB
  • 2XFR + eight Cheetah 9LP = 72GB
  • 2XFR + eight Elite 23 = 184GB

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2XFR Home
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