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2XFR+ Family

Mirroring is done with no performance penalty. When a failed drive is replaced, the 2XFR+ rebuilds the new drive with a priority scheme that is determined by the user.


The 2XFR+ has 2 Ultra SCSI (40MB) drive ports and 1 Ultra SCSI host port to maximize throughput of the latest high performance SCSI drives allowing actual speeds up to 36.4 MB/sec to the host.


2XFR+ is compatible with all SCSI hard disk drives with 50 or 68 pin interfaces. Also with drives with LVD interfaces in single ended mode.


The 2XFR+ in RAID 0 mode will provide capacity equal to the sum of the individual disks. In RAID 1 it will be 1/2 of that. This capacity is presented to the Host as a single SCSI drive with one node address.
Drives RAID 0 RAID 1
2 - IBM 4.5GB 9GB 4.5GB
2 - Seagate 9GB 18.2GB 9GB
8 - Seagate 9GB 72GB 36GB
8 - Elite 23 23GB 184GB 92GB

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