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The 3XFR was designed for maximum performance with a minimum of system overhead. All the connected drives are concatenated and presented to the system as a single, very large standard SCSI drive. The user can partition the drive in any manner to suit the application. Its operation is completely transparent to the system. No special software or software considerations are required.

The 3XFR has its own serial interface port for use in management, troubleshooting and configuration. When connected to a terminal, or terminal emulator, the serial port provides a wealth of information whenever the 3XFR is being powered up, is in the process of making a RAID drive set or rebuilding a new or marginal drive. With its extensive command repertoire, It can be used for setting up the 3XFR to any special configurations, to change the SCSI sense byte, or to load its flash ROM with a new or revised set of firmware.

Each of the 3XFR's Ultra SCSI channels has an active terminator. The use of active terminators goes a long way towards "cleaning up" a SCSI bus whenever multiple devices are connected. The terminators be individually deactivated through either the on board jumpers or through the serial communications port.

The 3XFR allows for setting the rebuild priority. In circumstances where the disk system is very busy and a rebuild process will slow down production, the priority may be set to "low". At that point, the 3XFR uses mostly idle time for its rebuild process. In other circumstances where the integrity of the data is more important than the full speed operation of the disk system, the rebuild priority can be set to "high" in which case there will be a certain amount of reduction in disk system response in favor of speeding up the rebuild process. The priority may be tuned between these extremes depending on the importance of redundancy vs. disk response.

The 3XFR is physically small and has no front panel indicators or controls. It has the same form factor and side mounting configuration as a 3 1/2" disk drive. As a result, it may be mounted in a standard 3 1/2" disk position, or anywhere else in the enclosure that might be handy. Its low power consumption means that there are no special cooling considerations.

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