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Diverse Logistics Inc. (DLI) is committed to the task of enhancing the I/O performance of storage subsystems for file servers, workstations and computer systems through reliable cost-effective hardware solutions. DLI's success is attributed to this singular common goal throughout all departments.

DLI, incorporated in 1992 in the State of California, occupies a modern 15,000 square foot facility in Irvine, California. This facility is home to sales, marketing, engineering, manufacturing and customer service. From this facility DLI serves customers located in the North & South American continents plus the Pacific Basin.

DLI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Distributed Logic SA. Distributed Logic SA is a privately held, 10 year old Swiss company occupying a 7500 square foot facility in Cortaillod, Switzerland. This facility houses sales, marketing, manufacturing, engineering support services and customer service.

ISO 9000 was an integral part of our facilities planning process. Early on we realized that our manufacturing personnel had to live by high standards if we were to meet our goals of offering both reliable and cost effective hardware solutions. ISO 9000 also gave us a proven methodology of documenting the product through our manufacturing process and our distribution channels.

We are also proud of the goal we have set for our engineering personnel, "develop cost effective high performance products THAT ARE NOT platform dependent". To date each new product has raised the competitive levels of industry performance and compatible with AIX, DOS, HP-UX, IRIX, NETWARE (DOS & Windows), NCR UNIX, OPEN VMS, SCO UNIX, SOLARIS, WINDOWS and WINDOWS NT.

In March of 1993 we shipped our first in house designed product, called LIBRA-8. It is an eight (8) cassette DAT tape library that connects to virtually any file server, workstation or computer system via its SCSI port.

In April of 1993 we started shipping our next product, LIBRA-16, a sixteen (16) cassette DAT tape library. Like the Libra-8, this device is host independent by connecting to the SCSI port on virtually any file server, workstation or computer system.

Both tape libraries contain a patented robotics mechanism that is made up of only 6 moving parts and has an MTBF rate that is in excess of 65,000 insertions.

In May of 1994 we shipped our first RAID product called Windjammer, a high performance RAID 0, 1 & 0/1 SCSI controller. Windjammer increases the number of I/O's a file server, workstation or computer system will execute in a given period of time by decreasing a disk drives mechanical latency and increasing the drives sustained data rate.

DLI has and will continue to dedicate its expertise to providing our customers (our partners) with the best and most economical products so that our partners are successful in their endeavors.

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