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Windjammer RAID 0 Features
RAID 0 Illustration
Windjammer features RAID 0 which stripes data across disk channels to achieve lightning fast speed. This is accomplished by splitting a block of data across the separate channels. Requested data is then reassembled from the two channels to form a complete block. This method is completely transparent to the host and effectively doubles the transfer speed. Benchmarks have shown a 90% increase in performance over a single disk, which equates to faster response time for video and imaging applications.
RAID 0 Illustration #2
The dual disk channel design supports up to 14 disk drives. This allows for the creation of high capacity disk arrays. Each pari of disks that are connected logically form a single disk to the host system. Multiple disk or sets of disks can be joined as a group to form a larger disk. As an example, if four (4) sets of disks are connected with each set having a 4GB capacity, the user can select to concatenate (span) the sets which form a single disk drive. Therefore, the host will identify a single disk drive having an overall capacity of 4GB x 4 or 16BG.
RAID 0 Illustration #3
Windjammer is a host independent RAID solution that utilizes a standard 20 MB/sec FAST and WIDE SCSI connection. Using a standard single ended (or optional differential) SCSI interface, Windjammer supports most workstation platforms and host adapters. With an internal bandwidth capability of 18.5MB/sec. Windjammer RAID 0 is the high performance solution for today and the future.
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