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Windjammer RAID 1 Features
RAID 1 Illustration #1
Windjammer features RAID 1 which MIRRORS DATA across disk channels with performance equal to a single disk drive. The data is written to both disk drives in the set simultaneously for write performance with NO WRITE PENALTY. In addition, the split drive read algorithm increases disk performance by 30% over a single disk drive. The read algorithm splits the spindle in half on each disk in the set with read requests processed on the disk nearest the data. This essentially positions the actuator so all requests are satisfied within the 1/2 of the full stroke seek time.
RAID 1 Illustration #4
An added feature for high capacity applications is support for the standard concatenation of disk drives into a single large capacity disk. Windjammer utilizies both disk channels to support up to 14 disk drives. With a standard 4GB disk drive, Windjammer can be configured with capacities exceeding 50GB. With the new 9GB disk drive, Windjammer can be configured with an impressive 126GB of online storage for those high capacity applications. This operating mode can ge combined with RAID 1 to create a high capacity disk drive utilizing a single SCSI node.
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