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Windjammer Features
  • 20 MB/s SCSI-2 FAST/WIDE host connection. An optional FAST/WIDE differential interface is available for the host channel. Disk connection supports SCSI-2 FAST up to 10MB/s.

  • RAID Level 0 stripes data across the two (2) disk drives effectively DOUBLING THE TRANSFER RATE of the disk. This mode greatly enhances system performance where large file manipulation is common such as graphic, imaging and video applications.

  • RAID Level 1 mirrors data across two (2) disks for high data availability. Simultaneous write operations guarantee NO WRITE PENALTY. Read algorithms improve performance up to 30% over single disk drives.

  • Concurrent RAID level 0 and RAID level 1 support. The user can designate RAID 0 and/or RAID 1 disk sets for application specific operation.

  • Large Array configurations are supported with variable sector size up to 8 kilobytes. This allows for multiple disks to become part of a single disk set. The disk sets can be configured for STANDARD, RAID level 0 or RAID level 1 operating modes.

  • Hot Swap support for the replacement of a failed disk while the system is operating. Upon replacement of the failed unit, the system will automatically rebuild the mirror set.

  • Hot Spare support for the immediate REBUILD operation which further enhances data integrity. The user may designate a HOT SPARE disk connected to a disk channel to be used in the event of a drive failure.

  • 16MB Cache module option utilizing a read back 128 way associative search and replace algorithm. The cache can be used to enhance the performance or READ intensive operations.

  • Front Panel LCD provides setup, statistics and status for the system. The front panel displays vital system information and can be used to change system parameters such as the SCSI node ID.

  • On-Line Setup/Diagnostics through an RS232 port. The utilities include system setup, disk array setup and maintenance diagnostics for on-line troubleshooting.

  • Online statistical monitor for viewing of system parameters and operating information. The information monitored includes read/write requests, request size, cache hits and status for each disk set configured.

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