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SCSI-3 Fast/Wide Host Channel

Windjammer is a host independent RAID solution that utilizes a standard 20 MB/sec FAST and WIDE SCSI connection. Using a standard single ended (or optional differential) SCSI interface, Windjammer supports most workstation platforms and host adapters. With an internal bandwidth capability of 18.5MB/sec, Windjammer RAID 0 is the high performance solution for today and the future.

Dual SCSI-2 Fast Drive Channels

The dual disk channel design supports up to 14 disk drives. This allows for the creation of high capacity disk arrays. Each pair of disks that are connected logically form a single disk to the host system. Multiple disks or sets of disks can be joined as a group to form a larger disk. As an example, if four (4) sets of disks are connected with each set having a 4GB capacity, the user can select to concatenate (span) the sets which form a single disk drive. Therefore, the host will identify a single disk drive having an overall capacity of 4GB x 4 or 16GB.

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